​​​​​​​Charlie Davidson: From Naval Ships to New Perspective

Growing up I always knew that I would join the military. I think I always felt a calling to serve. I joined the Navy right out of High School. After boot camp and “A” school, I was stationed on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) working as a flight deck Aviation Ordnanceman (AO). AO’s assemble, inspect, maintain, and load bombs, missiles, and other weapons onto aircraft. Being a Navy AO and working on a carrier flight deck gave me a very deep sense of brotherhood/teamwork, a commitment to excellence and the ability to do the work with total focus and dedication while still always looking for ways to continually improve and expand my skills.

Those values and skills have carried over to New Perspective. As in the Navy, New Perspective believes in “taking care of its people” whether it be the residents or team members.

One of the things I enjoy about both jobs is there is always something new to learn. And in both, I had opportunities to try new things and push my skills in different directions.

For me, The Navy and New Perspective have some things in common. They are both the only jobs where I have truly felt that I was in the right place, doing what I was intended to do. They are also both places where I know without a doubt that my team has my back at work and in my personal life. And these are jobs where I have had the most fun, as well.